I thought about this for a bit and here is my conclusion:
Imagine that a man who wants to kill your parents knocks your door asking you where your parents are. The man has a gun and your parents are in their bedroom defenseless. But you have to tell the truth, you have to tell him that your parents are in their bedroom. Your parents end up dead just because you are not allowed to lie.
Now imagine that one person you don’t find attractive asks you if you think they’re pretty. You have to tell them they’re not, you can tell something sweet like: I may not think you’re pretty but I’m sure someone else does blablabla… But that person will get hurt and your relationship won’t be the same anymore.
The truth can hurt more than a lie
And yes, figuring out that someone lied or cheated on you is horrible, but sometimes lies are better than telling the true
That’s my opinion, judge me, I don’t care

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